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Mills College becomes the first single-sex school in the U.S. with policy accepting trans students


Mills College, a women’s school in Oakland, California, has just made history.

The college has adopted a written policy explicitly stating that trans women are welcome to attend the school, making it the first single-sex school in the country with such a policy.

According to school officials, between 3 and 5 of the school’s 1,000 applicants each year identify as trans or gender nonconforming; this policy will make it easier for these students to apply and attend, should they so choose. The first students for whom the new policy applies will begin their classes this coming spring semester. 

“When people can be authentically who they are — that’s who Mills is,” said Mills senior Tess Fillbeck-Bates.

“This is really just a codification of our practice for several years,” said Brian O’Rourke, vice president for enrollment management.

This is a HUGE deal for students of all gender identities. When colleges and universities are inclusive and affirming on paper as well as in practice, it sets a standard for other schools to follow. Well done, Mills. Well done. 

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"Cancer/mental illness/disability affects rich and poor alike."

Uh, no, it doesn’t. Rich people can afford the treatments and accommodations for those things. Poor people cannot. Get the fuck outta here with that classist shit.

Not to mention a higher proportion of disabled people are in poverty and people in manual jobs are more likely to become disabled, there is a class element to disability that cannot be ignored.


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Your bottled water habit is sucking California dry

If you’re reading this, chances are very high that your home has at least one — and maybe more! — magic appliance that produces clean water suitable for drinking. That’s one reason to avoid paying for bottled water.

Another reason? There’s a good chance the water you’re buying at the supermarket was bottled in California, a state currently enduring a severe drought.

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Lots of people believe bottled water is safer and cleaner than tap water, when in reality there’s no evidence proving such a thing.

Penn & Teller’s Bullshit!: Bottled Water segment, gives a very good and thorough summary of the bottled water culture

You want better water? Buy a Zero filter. SRSLY. Stop buying bottled if possible. You need water with you? Get reusable acrylic or glass water bottles (wrapped in a silicon sleeve) and fill it up from your filter pitcher. SAVE MONEY, SAVE MY STATE

This is all incredibly important, some cities have as little as 60 -120 days left.  Try using a refillable water container, and if you’re a California resident, make sure to report water waste in public spaces.

Also, maybe take a second and sign the petition to stop a giant Slip n’ slide from being built in Los Angeles. Priorities.

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My parents, for all their faults, made sure as hell that I saw my black self reflected in books and movies as a kid. I’m not sure I even ever saw all of the white version of Cinderella. We have the Cinderella with Brandy. I had at least two other black Cinderella books, one set in generic fairy tale land and the other set in Trinidad (called Cindrelon and her dress was the best Cinderella dress of them all). I also have so many books in which the main character’s name is Kiesha. It was a good time.

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Like for real I could build a retractable bridge from Austin to the moon and nobody would say shit about it until some white guy “found” it. Media over here like, “bridge to the moon found in Austin, TX,” “TIMOTHY SMITH found a bridge to the moon,” “No one knows where the bridge came from,” “Congratulations TIMOTHY!”
Meanwhile I’m operating and maintaining the bridge and giving people free trips to the moon everyday until they kick me out so they can charge for it.

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As soon as someone calls the US a white nation I’m done. Like leaving right now immediately. Black people literally built this whole nation. White Americans never do anything without exploiting and/or erasing what POC have done before them. Please fuck off.

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